Monday, November 25, 2013

Ways to Tone your Body Quickly

If you have a toned and fit body you will look good in all kinds of outfits. Your confidence levels will increase as you feel ready to take up all kinds of challenges. Fitness experts say that whole body workouts are best for the body as they target all the muscles of the body. There are so many exercises that will help you achieve a toned body but here are the top picks.
Play on with bands
Elastic bands are a favourite with most fitness trainers and physiotherapists. Bands are better than weights as they can be used anywhere. You can enjoy a great range of motion with an exercise band so you can work out all muscles of your body.
Procure a mild resistance band which is enhanced with medium tension properties. Fitness experts say that these bands work best when they are in darker colours as then they offer more resistance.
3 sets of about 12 acts each done on alternate days should be enough to tone up your body. Start now and see the difference in a few weeks.

Step hard into handles
When you put your feet into two handles which are spaced apart with one hips distance between them you take one big step towards fitness and health. Loop the band over and around the back of your neck. The band should be held at a chest height and the elbows should be bent before you start doing this exercise.
The hips should be pushed back slowly while the back should be kept perfectly straight. The knees should be a bit soft for you to successfully complete the exercise. Do 3-4 sets of 12 acts each and see the difference in a couple of months.
Fitness Experts Shares Exercise Tips
Use a plank
A plank is also a good investment when it comes to fitness training. Stand up straight on a left sided plank with the band tightly wrapped around the right foot. Keep holding the handle bar with your right hand and drag it slowly towards the right hip. Start repeating the steps about 12 times each day. This workout will help you to tone up all the muscles in your body.
The center band workout
This exercise is again done with the exercise band. Stand with the center of the band anchored at chest height. Keep both feet pressed together and your arms extended to achieve the best results from the workout. Pull your palms pulled inwards and extend the band till it’s completely tight. Now slowly raise the right knee till your thigh runs parallel to the floor and slowly draw the hand towards the right chest. This exercise should be done in 3 sets with 12 reps each.
Fitness advice
Most fitness experts and exercise coaches say that whole body workouts should be paired with proper diet in order to deliver best results. If you really want to achieve a fit and toned body you need to work out regularly and take meals comprising of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fat.